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The app is an ambient sound mixer that produces a variety of scenes and music with random sound effects.

4 of the Best Sleep-Tracker Apps for Android

Download Sleep Bug and have relaxing hours of sleep. It helps to calm a busy mind and is perfect for adults, children and babies who are having sleep-related problems. Cost: Free Ratings: 4. Want to know what you talked in sleep? This smart app does not record silence or noise. You can also upload a link of the recording to the cloud and share with friends and family. Sleepy Time is a useful app that will calculate when you best fall asleep. The app uses sleep cycles of 90 minutes to calculate the best time to wake up. An average human needs 14 minutes to fall asleep.

The app helps you to wake up fresh and alert by suggesting you sleep cycles.

It is one of the most popular apps for better sleep. Sleep Tracker is one of the useful apps for better sleep. It helps you track your sleep cycle and wakes you gently through melody in light sleep. It tracks your sleep quality through movement all the night.

Best Note Taking apps for Windows Phone

Sleep graph provides an interface to help you find the perfect time in one day or week. We hope that you like our list of recommended apps for better sleep. See questions and answers. Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Not too much, Not too little. As an early adopter, I ordered the new Microsoft Band shortly after it went for sale this week. I had a feeling that it would sell out fast, which it did.

I received the Band Friday morning and have spent one day and one night with it. Here are my initial thoughts and a few images I shot with my Lumia phone. Like a lot of people, my level of fitness has a fairly regular ebb and flow to it. Sometimes I am fit for longer periods of time than others. I bought the Band to help get me back into hiking shape and lose weight.

Right now, I am starting at ground 0 in terms of my current fitness level.

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Being in shape is advantageous to the landscape photographer to allow hiking into the back country as well as to ensure longevity. The Problem It Solves As other companies have revealed their smartwatches, I have asked, "What does it do for me that my phone does not already do or what does it do better? In other words, what problem does it solve? I could never find an answer to that question.

I own a Fitbit Rolex and found that it did solve a problem - it kept track of my steps, which I liked and it had a silent alarm, which is great because I have awoken nearby coyotes while camping with my alarm clock which was not very loud when I arose to shoot the sunrise. I always wanted the ability for the Flex to monitor my heart rate and to have a GPS for tracking, however. Fitbit is also going to offer a great Cortana implementation it its Surge device so users can use voice commands to enter food consumed into a diary.

The Band, however, is completely unique with its 11 sensors, solving multiple problems, including HR monitoring, GPS tracking, UV light detecting, stress monitoring, and sleep tracking as well as providing some key essential productivity notification options, and of course, Cortana. The Band is a total fitness wearable with productivity features. It doesn't try to tackle things that have no business on a teeny-tiny screen that my aging eyes can't read, anyway.

Sweet Dreams: Windows Phone Apps for Better Sleep

It was unique and a very compelling offering. In addition to the hardware, the Band's mobile first strategy coupled with its cloud first Microsoft Health platform and Microsoft's ability to take that data and make it meaningful positions the Band to deliver the strongest case for a fitness wearable to date. Not only I was pleased with the problems it solves todays, but I am looking forward to the problems it will solve in the future by leveraging Microsoft Health Vault and adding new partners.

I do believe, however, that the value proposition that Microsoft is making with this device seems a little muddy.

Are you getting enough sleep? Chances are, if you’re like most people, you’re not.

They need to clarify it for consumers, developers, and potential partners for it to have long-term success. Microsoft has a pretty good track record with security in its cloud and has always taken end user privacy more seriously than its competitors, they also need to leverage that in marketing the device and platform.

The other problem it solves is the issues of buyers having to go all in with one mobile platform. The cross platform functionality allows users to be portable and not stuck with one operating system. You can use it with your Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone.