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With app block, app install block, time schedule and kiosk mode, guide your kids to make better digital choices.

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Now, keep them connected with location updates. Bit Guardian Parental Control will take only a few minutes out of your schedule. Bit Guardian Parental Control is packed with useful features to provide the security and flexibility that modern parents need. Do not encourage unhealthy app addiction. Restrict access to various apps. Do not let your kid install age-inappropriate apps. Block the Google Play Store. Allow the good and block the bad. Put an end to extra hours spent on unnecessary apps by restricting time on different app categories.

Secure kids with child GPS tracker.

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Make sure they do not travel over speed limit. Find out who is in contact with your kid. View incoming and outgoing calls log. Schedule screen time to balance daily activities. Even perform a factory reset.

Best parental control apps for your kid’s smartphone

With Bit Guardian Parental Control, you need not worry about your kids anymore. Enjoy the power to block applications, limit screen time and remotely monitor your kid's location. Bit Guardian Parental Control , trusted by parents worldwide is totally worth the try. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Customer support is offered by email or instant messaging but MSpy charges users if they want to speak to support by phone. Net Nanny Software and apps that help parents monitor and protect their kids.

Best parental control apps for your kid’s smartphone

Pros: There is no limit to how many devices parents can monitor with Net Nanny Social. Offers parents the ability to set an Internet time allowance across multiple devices. Norton Core Owned by Symantec A wireless router with parental control features that protects all internet connected devices connected to the router. Cons: Some of the best features available on the Norton Core router require a yearly subscription to access.

It can be easy for tech savvy teens to bypass the restrictions set up by Norton Core. Norton Family Owned by Symantec Software and an app that helps parents monitor their kids online. Pros: There is no limit to how many children or devices parents can monitor with Norton Family. The software encourages parents to engage with their kids and let them know what the digital house rules are. Cons: Norton Family does not offer social network monitoring and offers limited iOS support.

OpenDNS Owned by Cisco Software to route your internet traffic in a way that speeds up your connection and makes your browsing safer. Also, all of the essential functions of the software can be found in the free version. Cons: OpenDNS does not offer unique user-settings if parents have children with different monitoring needs and restrictions. Also, there are no real time notifications for parents, if there is any abuse or remote management. OurPact An app that combines family locator and screen time management features. Pros: Parents can use OurPact to create device usage schedules, block apps, limit screen time, block devices at any time even while they're in use , locate their family, and block inappropriate content.

Cons: Some parents have reported that it can be difficult to get OurPact set up on iOS devices and without wifi it can be tricky for kids to pause and start their screen time. In addition to being able to control apps, parents can see every text sent or received, when it was sent, and who the recipient or sender was. Cons: Some parents report that blocking websites and contacts can be difficult. Sometimes inappropriate content can make it pass the PhoneSheriff filter.

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Pros: The device alerts children when their screen time limit is approaching and automatically turns off the gaming console and TV when the limit has been reached. Parents are notified immediately if their child is trying to circumvent the parental control device. Children can earn extra screen time by completing chores or other positive activities. Cons: The device and app only work to limit screen time on gaming consoles, families who use other devices like smartphones or tablets will not be protected with QTIME. Qustodio Parental control app that helps families supervise, manage and protect their child's device use.

Cons: Qustodio limits monitoring and safety features on iOS devices which will make this software difficult to use for families with iPhones. Also, parents are limited to monitoring up to 10 children across 10 devices with Qustodio. SafeDNS Online security software that helps parents monitor, block, and filter content. This software allows parents to filter dangerous websites for all of the devices on their network.

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Cons: SafeDNS lacks several standard parental control options that other softwares typically offer and provides little protection from websites with malicious intent. Sentry Parental Control A mobile monitoring service that helps parents track multiple devices and sends alerts when suspicious behavior is detected. Pros: Sentry Parental Control offers parents the ability to continuously track their child's location, review app usage reports, and be alerted when suspicious content or activity is detected.

Parents can't review every message on their child's device, they can only see messages containing flagged keywords. SoaringSafe A parental control app that features an app blocker, porn blocker, bed time schedules, one click installation, and more. Pros: SoaringSafe is a completely free solution for blocking porn and violence across browsers and on all networks for unlimited devices.

One click installation makes it easy to set up SoaringSafe on any device.

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Cons: Parents who want to block specific apps or malware will need to sign up for a premium account. Surfie App Owned by Pure Sight Software that detects cyberbullying, filters out inappropriate content, and notifies parents of any negative online activity. Pros: With geofencing capabilities, parents can see where their children are at all times and even get alerts if their children leave or enter a certain area. Surfie works on mobile devices and desktops. Cons: The Surfie app only offers customer support via email which can be problematic for some parents. Teen Safe A subscription based smartphone tracking software built by parents for parents.

Pros: Parents can use one Teen Safe account to monitor multiple children and access all sent, received, and deleted texts or iMessages. With the accompanying app, parents can easily create a schedule that automatically turns phones off and on at certain times every day. Cons: Setting up Teen Safe can be confusing and time consuming.

Cons: Parents can only monitor up to 8 children across 8 devices with uKnowKids Premier. Also, this software does not provide content filtering or protection for Android tablets.

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WebProtectMe A filtering tool that helps parents restrict what content their children can access when browsing the internet. Pros: Parents can customize internet browsing for each of their children. WebProtectMe is intuitive and easy to use. Many parents report that the app has frequent updates that offer new features for no additional cost.

Cons: Some users report that the app crashes from time to time, sometimes inappropriate content can make it pass the filter, and that the restrictions can be easy for tech-savvy teens to bypass. Pros: Parents set configurations via an online portal and they can also set words that trigger WebWatcher to immediately email them once one of those triggers words is used.

Windows Family Safety Owned by Microsoft Built in parental controls that helps families stay connected, and keep kids safer on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices. Pros: Parents can block inappropriate web content, set limits on sites, games, or apps, and control screen time for kids with Windows Family Safety. Cons: Windows Family Safety content filtering only works on Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge which leaves children susceptible to danger if they browse the internet from any other browser.

Also, Windows Family Safety is only available on Windows desktops, notebooks, and phones which leaves all other devices vulnerable including phones, tablets, gaming devices, e-readers, and more.

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